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    Premium Tea

    We carefully select our teas from different terroir. We try our best to visit the tea plantations where our teas are sourced from.   We provide tea lovers with clean and healthy teas. 

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    We also love culture and art. At Deer Cha, we work with artists and artisans around the world and develop various tea accessories. 

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    We will hold different tea events from time to time. For example, educational seminars and food pairing event. We also provide training for individual and corporates. 


    Lifestyle/Tea and More

    At Deer Cha, we also explore beyond tea. We wish to share with people a peaceful lifestyle inspired by tea. We love to discover products that have the same vision as ours. 


    Tea Cocktails

    Deer Cha devote ourselves into innovative tea drinks. Tea-infused cocktails perfectly represents our creative minds - Jasmine Mojito, Deer Matcha, Tipsy Milk Tea, Peach Oolong Dream, Lavender Collins.


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